environment protection

Foundry strives to develop advanced technology in many ways

The foundry and forging processes play pivotal roles in the equipment manufacturing industry, serving as crucial pillars and foundational assurances for the innovation and advancement of numerous core products and high-end equipment. These processes bear direct relevance to the safety and stability of the supply chain within the equipment manufacturing industry.

environment protection

Issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the National Development and Reform Commission on March 30, 2023, the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting High-quality Development of the Foundry and Forging Industry” outlines key tasks for the industry’s enhancement.

The document underscores seven primary directions of foundry :

  1. Improving Innovation Capacity:

    • Encourage advancements in technological innovation within the industry.
  2. Developing Industry Norms:

    • Facilitate the establishment and adherence to industry standards and norms.
  3. Green Industry Development:

    • Accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly practices and sustainable development in the industry.
  4. Intelligent Industry Transformation:

    • Promote the integration of intelligent technologies in the manufacturing processes.
  5. Supporting High-quality Enterprises:

    • Provide support and incentives for the growth of high-quality enterprises within the sector.
  6. Enhancing Industry Quality and Efficiency:

    • Implement measures to improve overall industry quality and operational efficiency.
  7. Deepening International Exchanges and Cooperation:

    • Foster collaboration and partnerships on an international scale.


The opinions stress the need to optimize industrial structure by strictly enforcing relevant laws, regulations, and standards related to energy conservation, environmental protection, quality, safety technology, and industrial structure. The document advocates for the elimination of outdated production capacity through the application of advanced technologies with low pollution, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Foundry enterprises are urged to refrain from using outdated technologies and equipment, with a specific list provided for reference.

Moreover, the directive emphasizes the acceleration of the upgrading and transformation of existing projects, encouraging enterprises to adopt technologies that enhance competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact. The collaborative integration of casting, forging, and equipment manufacturing is highlighted, with a focus on guiding qualified enterprises to cluster in designated areas, fostering a collaborative and supportive industrial chain supply chain. This strategic approach aims to establish an industrial structure characterized by a rational layout, complementary dislocation, supply and demand linkage, and coordinated development.


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