Automatic stamping line in Bei’an factory
The internationally advanced closed automatic stamping line designed and installed by Jinan No2 Machine Tool has a maximum beat rate of 12 times per minute. Now it mainly supplies stamping parts for passenger car bodies for FAW-Volkswagen Qingdao Base. A total of 6 stations, themaximum pressure of 2250 tons. It is mainly for large customers and produces large quantitiesof high-standard stamping parts for customers.

Beian thick plate & thin plate stamping workshop
The thick plate line is equipped with high-tonnage presses and mainly produces heavy platestamping parts for trucks. Equipped with a feeding robot, automatic feeding, high efficiency, reducing the burden on personnel caused by heavy material plates and finished products.The thin plate line is combined with the welding line, mainly producing battery frame assembliesand tool box assemblies for trucks.

Longtai Runda Company was established in 2017, mainly engaged in the design, developmentand manufacture of automotive molds, various inspection tools and fixtures, as well as the production and manufacturing of auto parts products; the company has passed the lSO9001 qualitymanagement system certification, and now has various advanced A complete range of variousmechanical processing equipment, including 2 Okuma high-speed CNC machining centers witha processing range of 4200*2700; 4 CNC milling machines with a processing range from3000*1700 to 3200*1800: From 2000*1250 to 2800*1600; 2 hydraulic presses, processing rangefrom 2600*1600 to 3000*2000. 2 welding robots. There are more than 20 sets of other machiningand stamping equipment, The company has a group of excellent management and technical per.sonnel, adopts advanced management system and technology, and is based on quality, and iscommitted to providing customers with professional and high-quality products and services.

At present, we have 1 shearing machine with a shearing range of 16*750*2500, 4 bending ma-chines with a bending range of 12*5000 and 10*3200, 2 CNC punching machines with a maxi-mum plate width of 800 *5000MM, plate thickness 4-10MM. punching accuracy +0.15: 2 sets ofCNC connecting plate punching machines, maximum plate width 650*7000MM, plate thickness4-12MM. Cantilever type CNC high-precision plasma cutting machine 2 sets, cutting thickness:20 length 7000; laser cutting machine (6000W) 1 set, processing range 2000*4000 plate.

Hailong Special Vehicle Division was established in 2012, mainly producing various styles oftruck compartments for automobile manufacturers. Now it has a professional production line forrolling, welding, painting and final assembly of containers. These include light truck container, welding line, medium and heavy truck container rolling, welding line and high-standard electrophoretic topcoat coating line. This series of production lines can produce a variety of truckcompartments and special finished vehicle bodies. The welding and rolling workshop covers an area of 24,000 square meters. There are 9 rollingines for vertical and horizontal beams, side panels, floors, side panels, front panels, side protection, etc., 2 automatic welding machines, and 1 8-meter CNC shearing machine Taiwan, one8-meter double-machine linkage CNC bending machine. One welding production line, divided into side plate welding, protective frame welding, verticaand horizontal beam weldin, skeleton, bottom plate repair welding, front plate assembly, sideplate assembly, repair welding, grinding, adjustment and other station flow production. The production cycle is 10 minutes per unit, which greatly guarantees the quality and consistency requirements.

Qingdao Jitai Automobile Mold Co.. Ltd, was established in 1993 and is affiliated to QingdaoHilong Machinery Group. lt is mainly engaged in the design and production of cold stamping diesfor automobile body panels.