Mold design and production process:
After receiving customers’ orders and product drawings, and after technicians communicated thetechnical details in detail, the technical department began to design the mold. After the design iscompleted, carry out computer simulation, adjust the details according to the simulation results.and finally finalize the design after the simulation is passed, and send the casting drawings toJihua for casting.After the casting die s completely cast in Jihua and passed the inspection, it will be transportedto Jitai workshop, hoisted to the rough machining area to start rough machining, and passed therough machining inspection, and then transferred to the finishing area for finish machining. Afterfinishing, enter the mold debugging area for mold debugging. After the initial debugging is com-pleted, start debugging on the computer, and continue debugging according to the actuastamped sample data feedback. Finally, the punched sample is tested by three-coordinate measuring instrument and sent to customers for mold sample verification. The mold samples are fi-nally delivered to the customer after passing the customer inspection.

Qingdao Jitai Auto Mould Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Qingdao Hailong Machinery Group Co., Ltd., lo-cated in Jimo City, Qingdao. lt is a joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in the design and production of cold stamping dies for automobile panels. The company passed the lSO9001:2008 in-ternational quality management system certification in 2001.The company is equipped with complete equipment and software for business developmentwhich can be completed independently from mold design, model making, blank casting, moldprocessing, and mold debugging. Cong and provide a strong guarantee for production qualityand cycle. Use scientific management methods , advanced production technology, to provideprofessional and integrated services for automobile OEMs and stamping plants.

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