Qingdao Hailong Machinery Group Limited was established in 1955. On the nationallevel, we are a medium scale machine manufacturing enterprise, with a factory com-pound occupying over 500,000 m’ , 500 equipments of all kinds including but not limitedto those for CNC machining, stamping, welding and molding, 800-personnel staff in-cluding 126 technical personnel of all kinds. We specialize mainly in the production ofmachine molds, automobile parts, steel and iron molding tools, crafting equipmentsmetal processing and manufacturing equipments, driver’s cabins for vehicles and vehi-cle modifications.

Our company has the right to import and export, and we are a member company of theChinese Die and Mould Industry Association (CDMIA), a permanent member of theShandong Province Foundry lndustry Association. We have been rated as one of theTop 100 Technological Firms in Qingdao, as well as one of the “Top 100 Medium andSmall Enterprises with Branding Potential in China”. Our company has gainedSO9001:2000 certification, and the AAA grade for credit rating. In 2011, our companypassed the high technology enterprise assessment. Within Qingdao, we entered the listof cormpanies awailing listing on the stock market, and have been aclively preparing todo so ever since, through signing Strategic Cooperation Agreements with relevant au-thorilies in early 2011.

Our company has always been committed to strengthening ourselves through technol-ogy, and through constantly putting in efforts in technological innovations and technicalugrades, we now have immense technical prowess and advanced R&D facilities. ln2008, our Technology Centre was rated by the City Government of Qingdao as a City-level Technology Centre. The Technology Centre has an office, design studio, pro-gramming room, crafting space, laboratory and nine departments, with 36 technicalpersonnel working in the Centre. The Centre also possesses more than forty large capacity high-specification computers, as well as hardwares including high quality blue.printers, colour printers and scanners, and softwares including AUTOCAD CAM, CAECIMATEON and UGOther laboratory equipments include spectrum analyzer, metalmicroscope image analyzer, carbon, and sulfur analyzer and universal testers.