Hailong group produces commercial vehicle cabs and various styles of truck compartments forautomobile manufacturers. Now it has a number of professional production lines for vehicle cabsand cargo compartments with different functions such as rolling, welding, and painting. These in-clude a welding line for light truck cabs, a welding line for heavy truck cabs, and rolling for lighttruck cargo compartments. There are 13 lines, 2 cargo box welding lines and one high-standardelectrophoretic coating line. This series of production lines can produce and assemble a varietyof commercial vehicle cabs and different types of truck compartments.

The light truck cab welding production line is equipped with welding robots, which can producedifferent series of light truck cab products; the heavy truck cab welding line can produce variousheavy truck cab products.The roll forming production line is equipped with a variety of roll forming units and welding lines.which can process and manufacture various types of cargo compartments such as compartmentpanels, girders, frames, etc., and directly complete the compartment body on this line throughsubsequent welding operations assembly production.

On the electrophoretic coating production line, we have the capacity of electrophoretic and spraypainting with an annual output of 100,000 cabs and 30000 sets of cargo boxes.