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Truck body:The classification and the popularization of materials

Each type of truck body has its unique characteristics and advantages, catering to different transportation and industry needs.

Here are some common truck body types and their features:

  1. Van/truck box:

Provides protection for goods, suitable for transportation with high requirements for cargoconfidentiality and security.

Can maintain the temperature and dryness of goods in an enclosed space.

truck box

  1. Flated truck body:

Suitable for transporting large, oversized, or irregularly shaped cargo.Convenient for loading and unloading, as goods can be accessed from any direction

Flated truck body

  1. Open Truck Body:

Provides support for the transportation of oversized goodsConvenient for loading and unloading high, wide, or long cargo;

open truck body

  1. Refrigerated truck body:

Used for transporting goods that require a specific temperature, such as food andpharmaceuticals.

Ensures the freshness and quality of the cargo.

Refrigerated truck body

  1. Dump Truck body:

Used for unloading bulk materials such as sand and stone.

The lifting mechanism of the cargo box facilitates quick unloading.

dump truck body

The material of truck bodies depends on their design and purpose. Following are some common materials used for truck bodies:

Aluminium alloy body:

*  Aluminum alloy bodies offer the advantage of being lightweight, contributing to improved fuel efficiency.

* Corrosion-resistant, making them useful for trucks transporting goods in humid or corrosive environments.

*  Easy to clean and less prone to rust.


Steel body:

*steel bodies are typically more robust and durable, suitable for transporting heavy goods or operating in harsh conditions;

*Provides higher security, beneficial for goods that require additional protection;


Composite material body:

* Some vehicles use composite materials, such as glass fiber-reinforced plastics, to provide a balance of strength and lightweight advantages;

* Possess certain thermal and acoustic insulation properties, helping to maintain cargo temperature and enhance driving comfort.


Stainless steel body:

* Stainless steel bodies are useful for applications requiring resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and chemical corrosion;

* Often used for transporting special chemicals or operating in harsh environments.


We can also do the surface treatment of the truck body.

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