Mr. Victor from Russia saw that our company can make molds through the Internet and contacted us for a quotation. The customer’s requirement is a progressive die, and we can make it according to the customer’s design drawings. After the information was passed to the engineer, the engineer sorted out some problems and then communicated with the customer. The engineer found that the customer’s 2D and 3D drawings were inconsistent in size; then the customer’s heat treatment hardness requirements were very low, and heat treatment may not be required; and the customer’s knife edge gap was too small. The customer heard us talking about these problems and felt that our company is a very professional factory that produces molds. Then the customer answered them one by one, and there were some minor problems in the later period, which were resolved by timely communication with the customer.

The customer also trusted us very much, so they asked us if we knew a factory that produced feeders, and they wanted to buy them. At the beginning, we looked around for some cheap domestic factories, but the information was not complete. Later, through a friend’s introduction, I got to know a factory specializing in the export of feeders. The customer valued 2 products, one is 2-in-1, and the other is 3-in-1. The performance of the three-in-one is very superior, and the price is not cheap, about 200,000 yuan. Later, the customer chose the two-in-one, which has good performance and a relatively favorable price. The customer successfully transferred the money, and then the factory started production.

After the mold sample is completed, it is sent to the customer. The customer looks basically satisfied, but there is a little size problem. The customer requires a tolerance of 0.01, and ours is 0.02. We immediately rectified and remade the sample and sent it to the customer. These customers are very satisfied. After the customer makes the payment, we follow the customer’s instructions and deliver the goods smoothly. The customer is very satisfied after receiving the mold and feeder. Thanks to the customer for their trust, and several other molds will be given to us later.