European customer

One of our customer belong to the special equipment industry and are also leading enterprises in this industry. In 2020, due to the epidemic, the customer’s original European core supplier went bankrupt, which led to the interruption of the supply of one of the customer’s core components.

After starting the contact with the customer, we first arranged an online video inspection of our factory. We organized strong technicians of various processes on site to meet the needs of customers, and worked out the first technical solutions together with customers. The implementation of the first plan was not smooth, the product size was too large, the precision requirements were high, the material was easily deformed, and it was difficult to meet the target requirements. We quickly adjusted the plan, designed special tools and special tooling for the target product, and further clarified the product requirements and installation methods with the customer through video conferences. After the special tools and special tooling were in place, we carried out detailed process monitoring and connected with the customer in real time on the production process. Finally, with the joint efforts of both parties, we delivered the goods with precision exceeding the customer’s requirements.

Now we have become the only global supplier of this product, and in the follow-up process, we have given full play to our advantages in technology and scale, constantly accessing new products, and providing customers with stable and high-quality products.